The Story of Steve..

Once upon a time, somewhere on top of the rainbow was a magical unicorn. He was wild and free and had the sharpest horn a corn could ask for, but the one thing he missed was company, he became so lonely that the glitter he once sneezed turned to sand. One day, the unicorn peeked through the clouds and caught sight of a gathering taking place on the land below, puffs of glitter floated through the air and the whole party radiated sparkle like he once did. The jaded unicorn decided enough was enough, he hopped up from her cloud, straddled the rainbow and slid down to land to begin his expedition of visiting these colourful clusters and gathering a group of likeminded mythical’s such as himself. The unicorn travelled far and wide, sneezing his glitter once more on the mermaids, fellow unicorns, phoenixes, princesses and aliens he met along the way, but the group were still missing two things; a uniform and a purpose..  Hence the fantasy tribe was born.