The Founder

A full time unicorn, part time cat and widely sought international freelance circus performer.. Meet Beth, the founder of the tribe.
As a performer, most jobs required Beth to apply her own face and organise her own  costumes, so over the 8 years she has been working in the performance industry, Beth has increasingly picked up a trick or 10 about how to catch the attention of a crowd!
During the summer of 2017, after receiving constant praises over her festival attire, Beth realised she could put this knowledge into use..
The fantasy tribe came to life with a hot glue gun and serveral burn blisters, but after many sleepless nights and much persistance, Beth's now increasingly popular harness and garter sets came into their own..
The collective started purely as a brand of accessories, but as it came into its own, it became obvious that it it destined for more..
Not more than a day goes by that Beth doesnt find an excuse to roll around in glitter, and her spirit for sparkle lead the way to a new section of the collective. The glitter 'spaffing' hype began with Beth covering performers at festivals, which then was noticed by a few events companies that booked her to perform, and with no more than a few blinks of the eye, the Fantasy Tribes Glitter Spaffing Unicorns were born! 
As a circus performer, Beth has travelled the world performing independently as well as managing teams of other performers, she has run residencies for dancers and multi skilled performers around the UK so knows how to conduct a smooth operation within the entertainment industry. This is why it became inevitable that beth was to stick the cherry on top of her collectie with an entertainment aspect. It was easy for Beth to delegate certain skills and adjustments to costumes to suit each character she promotes.​​

The Tribette's