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What on earth are we?


The fantasy tribe are a unique collective of mythical creatures, gathered with the intention of spreading fun, love and sparkle to everyone and everything that comes within the splash zone of their aura.
The tribe are a collective of 3 areas, it began with their own brand of handmade festival attire, including super sparkly harnesses, collars, garter sets, bra’s and more.. 

Not only does the tribe offer the opportunity to dress like a mythical, but to sparkle like one too, as second up came the passion for sparkle, imagine a magpie on heat and your drawing near.. The fantasy tribe now promote their glitter spaffing abilities to be one of the most upcoming attractions of 2018, as not only is their glitter bio-degradable, but it is also applied by the unicorns who sneezed it out in the first place!

FUN FACT: The leader of the tribe ‘Beth Sykess’, has been a full time circus and festival performer for the past 8 years now.

Why the fun fact? Well, having such extensive knowledge and contacts in the entertainment industry is what sets the tribe aside from standard traders. The fantasy tribe's aim is not not only to successfully promote products, but to become an attraction above anything else, and knowledge of how to put on a show is what makes this goal so achievable set the third and final section of the tribe in motion. Most of our mythicals are full time performers, and so it was deicided that if the tribe are going to dress like an attraction, and glitter up like an attraction, why not promote themselves as an attraction?! 

So there you have it, The Fantasy Tribe..

Read more about our mythicals by clicking here ​.

Read about our mascot steve by clicking here.

  1. Hire a Mythical

    Stilt walking unicorns, pillow fighting princess cats, fire flinging pheonixes, bubble blowing mermaid in a tub? Browse our range of mythical creatures available for hire today!

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  2. Glitter

    Don't just dress like a mythical, sparkle like one too! Shop our wide range of glitters to apply yourself, or hire the tribe to come do it for you! Your sparkle is just a few clicks away.

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  3. Festival Attire

    Stay ahead of the festival trend with our unique brand of festival attire! Including super sparkly body harnesses, garter sets and accessories.. Grab your mythical uniform today!
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